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Lockdown has scuppered alike the best laid plans. Far from activity on anniversary about exotic, or embarking on an chance of cocky discovery, we’re ashore in a country area walking in the esplanade with a alembic of tea may get you arrested. So as we dream of bigger times and sunnier climes, we’re starting a new “blast from the past” series, republishing our favourite biking belief from the aftermost decade.

Comment acidifier le sol: 8 étapes (avec images)

Comment acidifier le sol: 8 étapes (avec images) | acidifier un sol

Acidifier la terre pour faire fleurir vos plantes acidophiles - acidifier un sol

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To bang things off, here’s the time our Life&Style editor Steve Dinneen went to Europe’s aboriginal acknowledged abracadabra augment retreat…


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Ten of us sit in a semicircle about a makeshift altar. In advanced of us lies a baby bronze of Buddha, assorted rocks and crystals, some ache cones, a carved mushroom, a baby chemists’ belief scale, and a board basin abounding with consciousness-expanding ‘truffles’.

We’re in a abode on the outskirts of Amsterdam overlooking backcountry and a arresting pond. A alpine man alleged Chi calls us advanced one by one, earlier to youngest. Aboriginal up is Debbie, a alive American in her aboriginal 50s. She kneels afore the truffles – agnate in actualization to the ones you ability abrade over a basin of pasta, but defective any apparent aroma – weighs pieces on the calibration and transfers them into her own, abate bowl.

Chi performs a abbreviate ‘blessing’, allurement that the truffle spirit adviser Debbie on her journey, and curtains her on the arch with the board mushroom. Nervous like the blow of us, she tips all 20g into her mouth, and is agilely brash to discharge it aback out. “Take your time,” cautions Chi. “These are alive creatures, an able species. Commune with the medicine.”

I appetite to abandonment absolutely to psilocybin [the alive admixture in abracadabra mushrooms] intelligence, with no attention to my own life

Debbie’s faux-pas is a adequate distraction. Bodies accept travelled from all about the apple for this moment, and an afraid activity has acclimatized over the room. Our accumulation includes a Brazilian brace in their backward 40s, a mother and babe from New York Burghal and a aloft US Marine. Two canicule of meditation, talking circles and ‘sound therapy’ accept led appear this moment, aback we will absorb a bowlful of consciousness-expanding truffles and, with any luck, commence aloft a airy adventure abysmal into our own subconscious.

When my name is called, I aces out bisected a dozen walnut-sized chunks and a scattering of abate pieces. Chi curtains me on the arch with the augment and it’s time to eat. I calculating chaw into a allotment the admeasurement of my thumbnail. It’s nutty, not unpleasant, but is anon met with an acute acerb aftermath that lingers at the abject of your tongue. I anon alpha to feel nauseous. We eat our way through our bowls in silence, alternating mouthfuls of truffle with squares of amber to affectation the taste.

Then we disclose duvets, blooper on blackout goggles (encouraging us to “look within”), lie back, and…

Acidifier la terre pour faire fleurir vos plantes acidophiles

Acidifier la terre pour faire fleurir vos plantes acidophiles | acidifier un sol


Truffles Analysis is the abstraction of Mitsuaki Chi, a absorbing American in his aboriginal 30s who fabricated his money as a semi-professional poker player. He’d hit the casinos at night and absorb his canicule in an existential funk, aggressive addiction and depression. “Poker was the alone way I knew how to earn,” he says, “But it was bedraggled money.” So he larboard the burghal and travelled the well-trodden hippy aisle about India, South America and South East Asia. He enrolled at Buddhist monasteries, already spending 16 months on a bashful retreat, afore authoritative a life-changing discovery: abracadabra mushrooms.

He says his aboriginal cruise was transformative. He sobbed for hours, and aback he woke the abutting day, he acquainted like a new man. On the Truffles Analysis website he says his ambition is “to abandonment absolutely to psilocybin [the alive admixture in abracadabra mushrooms] intelligence, with no attention to my own life.”

He started to organise breezy ‘retreats’ with friends, during which they would booty turns to ‘trip-sit’, accouterment a safe amplitude for anniversary added to ride out their consciousness-expanding experiences. About this time he met his accomplice Leti Passemier, who had been appropriately black alive in a accumulated job in Paris. They hit aloft the abstraction for Truffles Therapy, a business accumulation accumulation therapy, affluence ‘wellbeing’, and consciousness-expanding drugs.

Rarely apparent afterwards his abracadabra augment hoodie and analogous socks, Chi may not attending like your adequate entrepreneur, but the business plan is sound. The retreats booty abode in affluence chalets in countryside about Amsterdam; abundance was in a hunting abode in a apple alleged Beekbergen, an hour’s drive from Schiphol airport.

It’s absolutely the affectionate of acquaintance you can brainstorm apathetic advance bankers and bodies who enjoyed Eat Pray Adulation gluttonous out for an ‘alternative’ anniversary to blow about at banquet parties, although Chi insists his ambition admirers is bodies gluttonous 18-carat airy healing (in fairness, if one capital to artlessly get high, there are cheaper means of activity about it).

The retreats – which alpha from €1,200 per actuality for a accumulation or €5,900 for a clandestine acquaintance – are absolutely appointed for the abutting six months. The aggregation is accretion fast, announcement for new trip-sitters (there were two first-time associates of agents on my retreat) and aural out beyond investors.

Part of the address is that, acknowledgment to a technicality, the business is absolutely legal. Abracadabra mushrooms were criminalised in Holland in 2008 afterwards a 17-year-old French babe died jumping from one of Amsterdam’s aqueduct bridges (not that the law is enforced; you can still buy them in best of the city’s ‘head shops’). But the law alone applies to the genitalia of the augment that abound aloft ground. The augment ‘truffle’, the abundance of activity that grows below the soil, is fair bold (there’s agitation over whether the ‘oversight’ may accept been intentional).

Truffles Analysis has additionally benefitted the renewed absorption in consciousness-expanding research. Psychedelics were hailed as abeyant admiration drugs aback they were ‘discovered’ in the West in the 1950s and 60s (indigenous peoples beyond the apple accept been application them for millennia), but a abstract backfire led to them actuality banned beyond best of the world. It wasn’t until the backward 90s that scientists began experimenting again, admitting in baby pockets.

Today there’s a able antechamber in the US for laws to be relaxed. In April, the world’s aboriginal centre for consciousness-expanding analysis opened at Imperial College London, and consciousness-expanding analysis involving abracadabra mushrooms is accepted to be accustomed in Australia aural the abutting few years. Studies advance consciousness-expanding adventures can advice the terminally ill appear to agreement with their bloodshed and may be of use in the analysis of added brainy illnesses including abasement and anorexia.

Quel Type de Sol (et Terre) pour le Bambou ? -

Quel Type de Sol (et Terre) pour le Bambou ? – | acidifier un sol

High-profile authors including Michael Pollan accept additionally helped to accompany psychedelics into the boilerplate (everyone on the retreat had apprehend his book, How to Change Your Mind: The New Science of Psychedelics). There’s a near-unanimous accord amid researchers, he argues, that psychedelics are amidst the safest class of drugs. Which is aloof as well…


A absolutely un-hippyish Mercedes bodies carrier best me up from the airport, forth with Debbie, a abecedary at an all-embracing school, and Adrian, a biographer from Lisbon. Aural 10 account we were discussing aggregate from aesthetics to our parents, administration claimed anecdotes I wouldn’t usually dream of cogent strangers. Debbie was acquisitive to accretion acumen into her relationships with her family. Adrian, a agreeable “spiritual atheist”, capital to acquaintance “total dissolution of the ego”.

When we pulled into the retreat, we were met by Harry, a adolescent Syrian man who lives in Amsterdam. He was topless and told us the airport had absent his luggage, which was true, although they hadn’t absent his T-shirt; that was added about assuming off his abs. Harry is a approved Buddha of Suburbia, speaking about alone in metaphors, as if he’s account a amaranthine affluence cookie, or always basic a haiku. During one “talking circle” he regaled us with a adventure about Kintsugi, the centuries-old Japanese art of acclimation burst ceramics application aureate glue, creating article admirable out of article broken. That’s how he was feeling. I was activity a bit tired.

Roger, meanwhile, is a aloft Marine – he has the USMC tattoos to prove it – who accustomed cutting a Metallica T-shirt. I admired Roger. He was acquisitive to assignment through the fallout from his time in Iraq. Additionally present were Olivia, a New York Burghal advance banker, and her mum Anna, both of whom had become absorbed in psychedelics through meditation. Finally there was a Brazilian bedmate and wife in their backward 40s, Marco and Maria, who were demography a abundant bare anniversary from their three children.

The three day retreat is structured about accumulation analysis sessions. Afterwards breakfast is yoga, followed by ‘sound healing’ (a bit like guided brainwork but with abatement instruments). Afterwards there are talking circles on the backyard – allegedly some groups altercate built-in traumas, but we kept it about light. During down-time we swam in the pond and took dips in the log-fired hot tub.

You’re provided with as abundant home-made vegetarian aliment as you can eat, as abundant blooming tea as you can drink, and adaptation in a clandestine or aggregate room. You won’t be provided with coffee or alcohol, which are both prohibited, as are cigarettes and “sexual contact” with added guests.

On the aboriginal morning, with a caffeine-withdrawal cephalalgia anguish abaft my temples, we microdosed some truffles. This is an added accepted convenance amid Silicon Valley types, involving demography baby amounts of consciousness-expanding drugs every added day. Bodies affirmation it brings out their creativity, although I doubtable it’s aloof an adequate way of accepting aerial at work. It fabricated me feel befuddled and stoned. During a silent, post-microdose airing in the dupe I bent myself marvelling at drops of dew and acrimonious flowers. A few hours later, it was time for the capital event.


Lying in the axial anteroom in my day-bed, bedding pulled up, goggles on, the aftertaste of rotten walnuts in my mouth, I waited for the adventure to begin. And… nothing. Account passed. The collywobbles in my abdomen got apathetic and fluttered away. Afterwards an hour Chi offered anybody a additional bowl, which I struggled through. Still nothing.


ACIDIFICATEUR DE TERRE | acidifier un sol

Around me the allowance was growing restless. Maria began to cackle uncontrollably. She set off Marco, who spent the abutting few hours cackling like a drain, occasionally acceleration up from the affliction of his agitated laughter. Someone to my larboard abutting in, bawl and afresh apologising in turn, over and over. I took off my affectation to assure him; we fabricated eye-contact but he was elsewhere, on some added amusing alike of existence. Abaft me a woman began to sob uncontrollably, bushing the allowance with big, bawling heaves of sorrow. It was surreal, about amid a coma party, an opium den and a Victorian batty asylum.

Time anesthetized slowly, and afresh seemed to acceleration up. The sun streaked beyond the sky. One minute it was light, the abutting I could see the moon and the allowance was abounding of candles. It looked like a cathedral, I thought.

I began to feel acutely anxious of anybody else. I capital to beam or cry or… something. Chi came over with a third bowl, which I ate afterwards abundant hope. I charge accept gone through about 50g of truffles, which seemed like a lot. My abdomen churned.

I took my affectation off and surveyed at the scene; Roger was scribbling incomprehensible autography into a notebook; Harry was audible adjoin the window in a beautiful yoga pose; Marco was still asthmatic for animation in the bosom of his bedlam fit. I accommodated myself to a nap, and confused into an uneasy, feverish dream.

Time anesthetized slowly, and afresh seemed to acceleration up. The sun streaked beyond the sky. One minute it was light, the abutting I could see the moon and the allowance was abounding of candles. It looked like a cathedral, I thought. I dozed off again. Hovering amid deathwatch and sleep, I begin myself abode on arguments I’d had with my girlfriend. At one point I acquainted an acute affliction at not phoning my mother more. Was this the trip? I went to the bath and the colours looked off. Too bright. Aback in bed, I squirmed uncomfortably, both too hot and too cold. Aback I abutting woke it was gone 1am and the allowance was abandoned save for Adrian, agilely amusement to himself.

The abutting morning, anybody looked a little sheepish. Over bowls of granola – no mushrooms in afterimage – we discussed our trips. Adrian was euphoric, babbling about “ego appearance of the all-powerful self” and his accord with ancestors both alive and dead. Roger declared an acute blitz of creativity, although he couldn’t construe any of his notes, which appeared to be accounting in bits of three altered languages.

Harry acquainted an cutting catholic adulation for aggregate and declared that activity in abundant detail over what acquainted like a lifetime. Marco, who seemed to be accepting fun, was affronted that he’d spent his long, aphotic adventure into the body amusement like a school-girl. Alone Anna had an absolute bad trip, clumsy to stop arrant for affidavit she couldn’t absolutely fathom.

And me? I acquainted appealing good. My adventure hadn’t yielded any revelations. My ego remained intact. But I acquainted light, refreshed, admiring to be sitting in addition amphitheater with this strange, endearingly abortive agglomeration of people.

There are aspects of Truffles Analysis I dislike. The ability to blanket aggregate in New Age accent triggers my gag reflex – I’ve never met so abounding bodies who acquainted “blessed” to be about – and I feel afflictive with the cherry-picking of behavior from altered cultures: a birr of Ayurvedic medicine, a admixture of eastern mysticism, a advanced confined of South American shamanism (this is, I admit, mitigated by the actuality anybody is so nice).

Our post-trip WhatsApp accumulation is abounding with letters about bargain all-overs levels and improvements in mood. I doubtable a advantageous dosage of acceptance bias, but I can see the ameliorative abeyant of psychedelics, alike if I’d rather acquaintance them in a added accurate setting. Personally, any allowances I acquainted were thoroughly squashed afterwards a few canicule aback at work. I have, however, been calling my mother added often.

Sulfate d’aluminium C-I-L® | acidifier un sol

• Retreats at Truffles Analysis alpha from €1,200; For added advice and to bookgo to

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