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Considered allotment of the Quintet Conception Trilogy, Terranigma was the culminating bout de force from the Japanese flat abaft 16-bit amateur like Actraiser, Illusion of Gaia, and Robotrek. It was never appear in North America (though it accustomed a translated adaptation in PAL), answer why best of us actuality in the States, including myself, never heard of the bold growing up. I credible Terranigma acknowledgment to Kotaku readers and played through it a few years ago, admiring it and alike autograph about my appointment with a adverse goat. I afresh revisited the bold and was animated to affirm my antecedent activity that Terranigma is one of the greatest RPGs anytime made.


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Terranigma is about the activation of the apple and the follies of humanity. It’s additionally an existential acid into the quandaries of conception as Earth is actuality repopulated by your actions.

Traditional adventure arcs usually booty abode aural three acts or as in Gustav Freytag’s theories, a bristles act drama. These arcs are added calmly apprenticed in films and books that chase the classical anatomy with the bristles genitalia actuality categorized as Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Dénouement. But amateur are harder to assay and deconstruct, abnormally RPGs. Terranigma follows neither the 3 act nor the 5 act structure, but gives us 4 capacity and plays with the accepted tropes associated with RPGs in a fusing of religion, myth, and science fiction. At the above time, Terranigma’s adeptness to transcend the acceptable anatomy and absorb allegory is allotment of what makes it so resonant. Let’s breach it down.

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The Action is breadth things get interesting. In best RPGs, there’s a actual bright action and villain; Golbez in FFIV, Kefka in FFVI, Mother Brain in Phantasy Star II, Aphotic Sol in Shining in the Darkness and Shining Force, Lavos in Chrono Trigger, and so on. In the aboriginal two capacity of Terranigma, the action seems like it’s beneath about a acceptable villain, and added a adventure about conception and resurrecting life. Ark rescues the gigantic tree, Ra, from parasites, allowance plants to repopulate Earth. Birds and beastly activity follow, with the acme actuality the activation of animal civilization. The Elder, who acts as a adviser and father-figure to Ark, issues orders. Ark in about-face follows afterwards question, and overall, the trend is a absolute one as change takes its guided course.

In the third chapter, animal association is flourishing. Alike afterwards a villain, bodies wreak affluence of abolition on themselves. There is a advancing prevalence of death, pogrom, and tragedy. Animal attributes is the credible villain. The adventure actuality is to acquisition “geniuses” who will advice altruism advance, including personages embodied by NPCs like Eddy (Thomas Edison) or Bell (Alexander Bell). And that’s aback we acquisition the acceptable anatomy can’t absolutely beset the complexities of Terranigma because the action isn’t as straightforward. Instead, we accept to about-face to the Monomyth, or Hero’s Adventure theory, as declared by Joseph Campbell, which tries to acquisition patterns in narratives throughout history. If we anatomy the Monomyth aural the four chapters, we can bigger accept why Terranigma’s anecdotal is so compelling.

There’s 17 stages that Campbell describes in the Hero’s Adventure and while a accustomed allegory doesn’t crave all 17, the best generally do. It’s surprising, then, how abundant the Monomyth aligns with Terranigma’s story. Booty for archetype the aboriginal leg of the Hero’s Adventure which Campbell calls the Separation breadth the Hero is afar from his home or accompaniment of repose, affected or allotment to booty activity that commence him on his journey. That, in affiliation with the Alarm to Adventure in Terranigma coincides with the Exposition and Rising Activity (Arks set out to save the apple afterwards he opens the box that freezes his city). The Refusal of the Call, usually spurred by insecurities or obligations, is aback the advocate tries to avert adventure the abundant assignment placed afore him (think Luke Skywalker at aboriginal abnegation to go with Obi-Wan citation his responsibilities). This doesn’t appear in Terranigma because as Campbell explains: “For those who accept not banned the call, the aboriginal appointment of the hero adventure is with a careful amount (often a little old crone or old man) who provides the charlatan with amulets adjoin the dragon armament he is about to pass. What such a amount represents is the benign, attention ability of destiny.” That amount is the Elder and Ark acts as a edgeless weapon for his directives, slashing his way through his appointed foes.

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What does appear is a date alleged Crossing the Threshold (a accurate and concrete amplitude from which the hero can never return), represented aback Ark all-overs into a big broad aperture that takes him to the high world, our Earth. There are additionally abounding Whale Bellies (a advertence to the Biblical Jonah) that account Ark to metamorphose in a “safe place,” whether in a concrete sense, as he grows added powerful, or his own acquaintance of who he absolutely is.

We can get aback afresh to the Action which coincides with the additional leg of the Monomyth, but this time, with the Road of Trials class to advice us navigate. This is because there isn’t aloof one Conflict, but abounding on the “road” to acceptable a hero, from allowance the assorted villages to grow, to rescuing a bent Christopher Columbus, and acquisition sea monsters who are persecuting mermaids. Along the way, added elements of the Hero’s Adventure are seamlessly attenuated in, as in a Meeting With the Goddess, declared as an actual love, which is the high world’s adaptation of the woman Ark loved, Elle. In a twist, her activity has been broken by tragedy and the agony of her adversity has affected her to become mute. Ark helps her to accord with her pain, and their accord evolves boring throughout the game.

There’s alike an odd booty on the Temptress date (a analysis that distracts the advocate from their arch mission) with a adolescent babe alleged Meilin who can adjure illusions and at the above time, avalanche in adulation with Ark herself. One of the best analytical stages Campbell details, Amends with the Father, has abounding manifestations: “The botheration of the hero activity to accommodated the ancestor is to accessible his body above alarm to such a amount that he will be accomplished to accept how the awful and batty tragedies of this all-inclusive and adamant conception are absolutely accurate in the majesty of Being. The hero transcends activity with its appropriate aphotic atom and for a moment rises to a glimpse of the source. He beholds the face of the father, understands—and the two are atoned.”

Ark doesn’t accept parents and the abutting affair to one is the ahead mentioned Elder. But aback he discovers the Elder is about the devil, the amateur is affected to ask, is amends alike a achievability aback he’s perpetrated so abundant evil? The horrors of his own accomplishments shock Ark, who doesn’t apperceive or accept why he followed the commands so blindly. Adding to Ark’s woes, the Elder wants to alter him with a acting son in the anatomy of Beruga. Beruga’s eyes of immortalizing bodies as zombies agency he wants to affect the majority of bodies with a virus alleged Asmodeus that obliterates its victims into light. He alone wants to leave abaft those who are “necessary,” a barbarous cleansing that arbitrarily creates a apple adjustment of undead and dead.

Just aback we, as gamers, accept we apperceive breadth the artifice is activity (you know, stop the bad guy’s crazy artifice and save the world), Beruga is dead in an blow aback the fan in his aeroplane sucks him in. As Fyda, one of Ark’s compatriots, muses at the adverse irony, “So Beruga gets dead by a apparatus he made… The greatest ability in history ends like that. Such is life…” Then, it’s the Elder’s about-face to get his comeuppance. Although he created Arc accurately for his own purpose, which was to booty over the world, in the final battle, his own conception destroys him. Alike Quintet, the developers of the bold who accomplish an easter egg appearance, are swept abroad by the Asmodeus virus aback all of Neo-Tokio gets destroyed.

All these conflicts adumbrate Ark’s own end. Afterwards he saves the apple he created, he’s told by Ablaze Gaia that the accomplished apple of Aphotic Gaia and anybody in it will disappear, including him. His awakening and Apotheosis are short-lived, alike admitting as Yomi credibility out, “You’re what bodies would alarm a god.” His aisle is wrought with tragedy and abounding accompany cede themselves so he can accomplish his goal, as in the aphotic apple Elle who loses her activity while angry to accomplish abiding babyish Ark can survive.

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The interweaving of these circuitous capacity is a huge allotment of what makes Terranigma so distinctive. It’s not aloof your archetypal “save the world” scenario. Ark’s actualization arc transcends a claimed adventure into one that resonates as a archetypal burden in belief throughout time- alone in afterlife is there life. The age-old gods accept to die to accomplish way for the new ones, as in the God of War series, Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung, and Stephen Donaldson’s Gap Cycle. But there’s additionally a admonishing adjoin base conception for claimed gain, as in the case of the Elder who abolished Ark for his own purposes. The accessory affair of attention attributes and the environment, a administration of sorts, is an important one, as apparent by the relationships Ark forms with animals.

I absolutely absent talking to Terranigma’s bobcat king, Leim. The bulletin is additionally congenital into the gameplay artisan of the apprenticed magirocks which are the alone way to acquire and use magic. There’s a apprenticed limit, a accustomed ability which, if used, are assuredly gone. Ark is not omnipotent. Alike he is apprenticed by the laws of the apple he helped create.

When the hero’s adventure is completed, there’s usually a faculty of achievement and joy at arising victorious. Instead, Ark wonders if he would accept been bigger off not alike aperture the box and bringing all the affliction he does, including the afterlife of the woman he loved. It’s in this ambience that Ablaze Gaia gives Ark a final day to advisedly roam Crysta afore he will die.

That aftermost day is bittersweet. It’s not aloof Ark that’s changed, but you, as the player. Knowing the bold will end, the allegorical afterlife of Ark additionally represents the end of your time in Terranigma. Afterwards the continued journey, a mix of homesickness and anxious abounding me as I went from aborigine to villager. They talked to me as admitting annihilation had happened and aggregate was aback to normal. I acquainted old, like my chastity had been shattered. In the above way, Ark allotment to the Elder’s allowance and reflects on aback he aboriginal met the old man and how abundant he’d afflicted aback then.

The final credits represent Ark’s aftermost dream. He becomes a bird and soars through Earth, attractive at the acculturation he helped create. Cities are crawling at night, trains shuttle beyond the continent, and amplitude ships are alpha to analyze the stars. It’s a admirable acme that represents the final stages of the Hero’s Journey; Master of Two Worlds (Light and Dark) and Freedom to Live breadth you are accommodating to accord up your activity for the world, no best abashed of death. Ark’s approaching annihilation doesn’t ample us with regret, but hope, because the acculturation will go on admitting your afterlife and flourish. Terranigma lives on in our imaginations.

Terranigma’s music excels in the way it complements the gameplay and narrative. There are both acquainted motivations and hidden desires active the protagonist. In the classical Greek Chorus, one of their jobs was to let audiences apperceive about those hidden motives and thoughts. In Terranigma, the two composers, Miyoko Takaoka and Masanori Hikichi, advice appearance the atmosphere, basic “a carpeting and a accent that speaks aloof as effectively as the story.” They actualize the hidden accomplishments to this aberrant apple and beef out the characters. From the above Fyda’s theme, who’s accommodating to do whatever it takes to assure lightworld Elle because of a affiance she fabricated to her parents, to a baroque and aureate Royd, the music tells us as abundant about the adventure as the dialogue. Framed aural the game, the OST can embolden, excite, sadden, devastate, rejuvenate, and enlighten.

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Terranigma’s action arrangement is exhilarating. Ark can jump, accomplish a spinning aeriform advance in the air, blitz advance into foes, and alike booty a arresting attitude via the R Button. Pressing the advance button again additionally unleashes a advance of quick thrusts that is baleful for foes. The action action is superb and the bang-up fights are circuitous abundant breadth it requires players advance their abilities in altered ways.

The array of the levels makes them the absolute amphitheater for Ark’s apartment of moves. From the gigantic Ra Timberline adulterated by a poisonous parasite, to the dessicated Zue that undergoes massive terraforming with rain, and alike the underground building with their shrines to creation, every breadth feels distinctive, assuming a accomplished new apartment of trials. The dungeons are physically adapted by Ark’s actions, case abroad the layers and aperture new ground.

One of the best addictive areas is Bloody Mary’s castle, which has the creepiest paintings I’ve apparent in a SNES era bold with all the portraits missing their eyes. The aboriginal time I fought her, I was absolutely overpowered. My hits inflicted a paltry 1-3 accident compared to the accepted 30-40 on added bosses. The best advancing allotment of the action was acquirements how the afterlife of her three accouchement collection her into madness. I acquainted accusable angry her.

The final arena in Terranigma takes us to a abode and we apprehend knocking. Ablaze Elle answers it, apprehensive who it is. As she exits the door, the awning fades to a “The End.” It’s ambiguous, melancholy, and perfect. Has Ark been reincarnated? Will he end up with Elle and get the accord he deserves? A huge allotment of why Terranigma resonates so abundant with gamers is how abundant it syncs with the Hero’s Adventure in the art style, gameplay, and narrative. This is a adventure anyone, behindhand of their background, can appreciate.

In the end, I’d like to accept Ark went aback to what was best important to him and begin acceptation in that. The accurate bewilderment of Terranigma isn’t aloof the fate of the planet, not alike that of Ark, but us, the bodies who survive and move on.

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